September 25, 2021


During the previous administration, the absence of executive oversight for four years had created a working environment at all levels that lacked order and control. We are responsible to the many taxpayers we protect for the dollars we spend on their behalf. Certainly, this is inherent in our approach to financial management, but extends to ensuring that our staff is accountable for their time and that equipment is put to best use.

  • Control overtime costs to stop discretionary overtime.
  • Require detailed reporting of time worked, vehicle usage, breaks & time off.
  • Corrective action taken when employee performance is deficient.
  • All permanent positions advertised in contrast to nepotism of past administrations.
  • Tracking of operational concerns code enforcement, property maintenance, absentee landlords, grants management,  fire hydrant monitoring.

Public Safety

The challenges faced by our city seem perpetually unchanging, but with thoughtful action and dedication, we may alter our fortunes for the good. I believe these times demand invention, innovation, imagination, and decision. We must focus on short-term and long-term solutions to give our citizens confidence that priorities are being addressed in a timely manner.

  • Over 100 hydrants replaced as well as damaged valves, water mains and laterals. Replacement is ongoing.
  • Strategic action plan implemented for targeted water, sewer and fire prevention system improvements. Over $2,000,000 of systematic replacements all over the city, including Guy Park Avenue, Market Street Hill and the South Side.
  • Our drinking water is of the finest quality in our state upon completion of upgrades to our Water Filtration Plant.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements completed.
  • Dispatching & tracking software in place for fire & emergency response, as well as code enforcement departmental operations.
  • Demolition of over 100 dilapidated and dangerous structures completed ten more planned for this construction season.
  • Laborers trained to protect residents and employees in confined space rescue and workplace violence prevention.


In the highly competitive global arena, we must tout our beauty, location, close community, success stories, and amenities to promote economic growth in Amsterdam. This message is as important to get across to our own residents as it is to the surrounding region and targeted audiences in other venues.

  • “Small city. Big heart.” tag line communicates our identity. Collateral material includes our new logo, letterhead, business cards, brochures, pens, pins, magnets, and advertisements.
  • “Best in Class” Statewide: website and printed promotional materials tout our beauty, location, close community, success stories and specific opportunities to foster economic growth.
  •  WMHT “Our Town: Amsterdam”  produced with contributions from residents.
  • On-line video series featured on our City of Amsterdam, NY Official Website– some produced professionally at no cost to taxpayers and some through a collaboration with students from Amsterdam High School. These efforts and community updates are displayed on our city Facebook pages too.