October 15, 2021


We must believe that our city will be at the heart of a vibrant and emerging economic region. Nanotechnology, biomedical research and clean energy initiatives will change the face of Upstate New York. That said, we MUST open our arms to investors from outside of our community to make buying property and relocating businesses to the City viable. We MUST open our hearts to people of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. We must create a city that we are proud to pass on to future generations.

  • City Hall public spaces, offices, closets, outbuildings & grounds revamped on a shoestring budget. We also remediated asbestos in the basement identified in 2001. We are replacing electrical systems and continue to make improvements to this historic community treasure.
  • Arts/Community Center & community garden Our East End Creative Connections hosts creative opportunities for families and youth. It houses W1shfu1:Th1nk1ng, a group of progressive young community leaders that offer afterschool programming and mentoring to children-at-risk. Flash Forward 4H and the Amsterdam Garden Club also take up residence. The center offers unique classes, events and performances to our community. The mosaic at the front of the building is an outward expression of the beauty going on inside the building.
  • Enhanced parks &  recreational space A park attendant at Riverlink Park keeps the elevator and bathrooms cleaned, and gardens watered. Veterans Park sports a new softball field. Shuttleworth Park has new turf, stadium seating, deck, dam, ice skating & fishing pond, warming hut, additional parking and a new walking path. There’s skating again at City Hall and the Lincoln Ave. Playground, and a new fountain at the West End Memorial. We’ve got an internationally registered labyrinth and a new garden on the south lawn. There are two new veteran’s memorials, one at Vets Field and one on the south lawn at city hall. Sassafras Playground has been refurbished from sanding through staining and replacement of equipment.
  • Beautiful flower baskets, banners and new Christmas decorations greet residents and those traveling through the city. Flowers are now tended by city personnel at a greatly reduced cost to our taxpayers.
  • 8,000 flower bulbs and new plantings embellish every entranceway and main corridor in the city.