October 15, 2021

The Plan

Extend water and sewer under the Thruway to the Town of Florida
• Reinstitute the Community and Economic Development Department
Inventory all commercial and industrial properties
• Ensure that sites are “shovel-ready
• Incrementally replace water and sewer distribution systems
Market assets and attractions to targeted businesses and audiences
• Establish a new “downtown” core that spans both sides of the river
• Relocate the Amsterdam train station downtown

with AIDA, URA, the Chamber, surrounding municipalities, counties, the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council, and State

• Develop closer relationships with the GASD, FMCC, Workforce Solutions,
and not-for-profits
Revisit the Comprehensive Plan – draft new goals and strategies
• Offer business development solutions: peer support, incubator space, tech support, city-wide broadband availability
Celebrate success!

Services with our County

Records Management
– collaborate on grant research (share cost of grant writer); and
– conduct needs assessment/feasibility study/implementation
(funded through Small Cities grant and LRMG).
Energy Initiatives (funded through NYSERDA and Energy Efficieny & Conservation Block Grant)
– reduce fossil fuel emissions;
– improve energy efficiency in the transportation, building, and other appropriate sectors;
– create and retain jobs;
– develop a wind turbine energy project; and
– form consortium for energy purchases.
Regional Jobs Initiative (modeled after the cities of Fresno & Clovis, CA)
Marketing/Economic Development Strategy
– inventory assets;
– develop one-year, two-year, five-year and long-range goals;
– develop short-term and long-term promotional plan (materials, events, resources, etc.);
– share cost of lobbyist; and
– share cost of CEG membership.
Infrastructure Initiatives
– GIS mapping of all structures;
– identify shovel-ready projects; and
– strengthen advocacy for planning/implementation funding.
Security Grants (combined voice for funding opportunities)
Blighted Property Strategic Plan
– create county-wide task force; and
IT Strategic Plan
– cross-agency assessment of needs/opportunities; and
– broadband access/funding.
Shared Cost of Grant Research and Writing (identify all resources/opportunities)
Shared Forms (inventory, purchasing, tracking projects, etc.; share cost of production)
Shared Equipment (inventory equipment & personnel, avoid duplication, share maintenance costs)
Shared Transportation (cross-agency cooperation)

– Create a land bank to convert vacant, abandoned or tax-delinquent properties into productive use
Strengthen the code enforcement department
• Require owners of vacant properties to post a bond for maintenance and/or possible demolition of structure
Continue demolition of properties that have decayed beyond the hope of repair
• Collaborate with Habitat for Humanity to revitalize specific neighborhoods
Offer incentives for rehabilitation of aging structures
• Continue city-wide clean-ups, beautification efforts and events
• Nurture neighborhood association activities to combat blight and improve safety

Change the budgeting process to be more effective, participatory and transparent

• Mayor and Controller to present a balanced budget to the Council
• Create a collaborative Citizens Budget Review Board to assist in the process
• Hold interactive public forums to inform residents and invite participation
Invite Labor Unions to suggest creative solutions to challenging budgets
• Review budget every four months to enact mid-course corrections if necessary